Saturday, April 4, 2009

Game Play 7: Almost there...

My game play experience this week is full of ups and downs. Last week, I was overwhelmed with the experience that I was in the tycoon stage. With this, my visitors got decreased. Some of my staff were not happy anymore. In my latest experience, I got more challenges! Some rides needed to be fixed simultaneously. Then, it was recommended to have constant check up with my rides. I wanted to add more features, but it did not allow me because I do not have enough space. However, I slowly recover with the number of visitors in my amusement park. I am hoping that next week I will be able to conquer the tycoon.

This game play experience helped me realize not to jump right away in making decisions. Because of that overwhelming experience that I finally knew the basic features of the game, I just put the rides, stalls, and facilities anywhere I wanted to. I should have made a floor plan. Sometimes, I have this attitude that because it is new I will use it right away before carefully studying it. It is always best to experience it myself first before I will implement it.

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