Saturday, April 11, 2009

Final Game Play: RCT 3 - My one of a kind video game experience...

My game play of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 gives me the idea that playing video games is fun! I did not only enjoy but also learned from this experience. It allowed me to make my own amusement park. It allowed me to become a manager. It allowed me to experience challenges that I need to face and resolve. This makes RCT 3 an all-time favorite game not only to business fanatics but also to everyone. Indeed, games and simulations allow one to explore, learn, and enjoy!

This experience challenged me to integrate video games in classroom teaching. Since English is the universal medium in these games, it will allow my students to learn new vocabulary and expressions. It will allow them to understand the context and meaning of the words. In reading the instructions, I believe that it uses formal English. With this, it could also help them in their sentence construction. What interest me most is the use of prepositions. We only have two prepositions in our native language. This is the most challenging one among the parts of speech.

The strengths of my game are its easy to learn instructions, colorful graphics, featured rides, and language used. As a first timer, I did not experience major difficulties. The colorful graphics especially with the rides gave me an idea on how these rides look like. Honestly, I have not seen most of these rides in real life when I started playing the game, but I was happy when I went to Navy Pier, Disney World, and Universal Studios. I was able to see and identify the rides which I put in my amusement park. Thanks to RCT 3!

I believe that the game could be more improved if the game allows multiple players. With this, it is like a group of people who will act as a manager, an architect, engineer, and the like. This would help in giving inputs and promote cooperative learning. The more the merrier! Another element is its features. In my game, I was not allowed to buy a piece of land. I want to have more rides and expand my amusement park. It somehow limits my world. I want to have more rides so that my guests can experience more.

As this semester is about to end, I am thankful to experience video games. Thank you for giving me this chance to play a variety of games and simulations. It is cool!

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