Saturday, April 11, 2009

Game Hunt: HABITAT by Shih Lin and Maria Angeles Dano

In our Game Hunt, our topic is all about HABITAT. The three critical things that we considered are climate, conservation, and preservation. Habitat is the place where we live. Thus, we need to conserve and preserve not only ours but also the animals. They are part of the ecosystem.

The two principles that could be applied in the games that we found are Discovery and Situated Meaning. With these principles, the learners are allowed to discover the habitat of the animals that they have not seen yet and understand the context and meaning of where they live.

The names that we captured in the games are from and The first game is all about the habitat on the right place and climate to stay for a particular animal. The other one is all about simulations on Ants Pheromone Trails, Water Motion, Earth's Biomes, Topographic Map, and more!

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